What's in a Kit?

Once you’ve ordered your kit:
Within 24 hours you will receive an email with the Instructions and Build Worksheet. This will allow you to begin planning and building your project right away!  Your hardware will usually ship right away.

First of all, we don't ship doors.  The shipping of our bookcases is very expensive.  In addition, what happens when it gets damaged in transit or there is an issue with installation?  The solution: purchase a hardware kit and either build it yourself or have a local carpenter build it for you.

What’s included in the kits?
The plans and hardware.  Each kit contains every nut, bolt, washer, bearing and bracket that you’ll need, right down to the last shelf pin.  Through email, you will receive a Build Worksheet.  This is a spreadsheet in which you simply input a couple of measurements and it generates all the dimensions of pieces-parts you’ll need to cut.  Nice!  You’ll also receive pdf’s with detailed step-by-step instructions complete with lots of pictures and diagrams.  The instructions are written in a way that is easy for the average weekend woodworker to understand.  If you get stuck or have questions, support is just an email or phone call away.

You provide the lumber.  Choose whatever species you’d like but avoid particle-board or MDF.  We recommend using a cabinet-grade plywood, 3/4" for the sides and fixed shelves, 1/2" for the adjustable shelves and back, and solid wood faces.