This unit is designed to stand in front of any opening, covering both the opening and any adjacent trim.  The unit will attach to the wall via a valance mounted above the opening. The panels pivot on bases attached to the floor.  The two panels pivot away from the wall and away from each other from the center.

In the closed position, the back of the bookcase will sit 2” out from the wall.  This gives the unit room to maneuver and clear trim or moulding up to ¾” thick.  If necessary, this gap can be covered by attaching a piece of trim directly to the wall after the unit has been installed.

Total width:  37-72”        Bookcase depth:  8”

Freestanding Two Panel "French"

Includes detailed instructions.  All hardware kits come standard with magnetic catches.  Click here to see other options.

DIY Hardware Kit      $311.00        Shipping (USA):  $37

(Kit depicted above is similar but not exact)